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Java Heap Space & PermGen Space errors in Flash Builder

As I’ve been experiencing those many times already, it’s time for a good ol blog post to summarize everything.

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Deeper Sublime – Japanese Garden

This track sounds so cliché at first. But listening to it in full with decent headphones is like taking a walk in the mountains.

Here’s my take on Flash (November 2011)

I wanted to blog a bit about the latest announcement of Adobe concerning Flash, I mean of course the fact that they will stop developing Flash Player for mobile browsers. Does that mean that Flash is going out of mobiles? Certainly not, as AIR is taking it from here. And AIR IS FLASH. Flash will also still be a major player in desktop web browsers. But the damage is done.

Clients are going to ask for more HTML5, and too many things just can’t be done using that technique. This will create a gap in technology which is going to arm the evolution of the web.

More information on ZDnet: A Web Developer Speaks: Flash Player is Dead. HTML5 isn’t ready. Long live AIR!

Proscenium Model Viewer: an AIR app to test 3D models with Proscenium

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#AdobeMAX 2011, Day 1: Creativity Unleashed general session

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#AdobeMAX 2011, Day 1: Sessions & Labs

Rather than explaining in too much details all the sessions I’ve attended one after another, I made a single post for each day. You will find the corresponding videos as well as the most interesting details, IMHO.

On the menu: Creating apps for the LG Smart TV PlatformDeep Dive into Molehill and Build Flex Apps for tablets.

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#AdobeMAX 2011, Day 2: Creating The Very Best User Experiences general session

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