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Another Papervision plane

Click on the image to start and use “guest” as login and password when prompted.

The popup view is not the best solution to watch it, so click here if you want to experience it fully (or simply go fullscreen).

Got a few time yesterday to work on Papervision, so I took the occasion to build a small personal project, just to remember the good ol’ pv3d stuff. This time I tried the line3D object, mixed with a DAE model. LOADING MIGHT BE SLOW, because the plane itself is a Collada (.dae) file, load externally. If you don’t see anything, just wait a bit.

Use your mouse to move the camera. You’ve got 3 boxes that allows to customize the animation: the 1st one is the number of lines visible at the same time ; the 2nd one changes the “speed” of the plane. Lines are more curvy when low. The last one allows to change the distance between the plane and the camera.

Have fun!


I spent a few time on wonderfl.net recently. It’s a showcase website where you can post actionscript code and then see both the code and the result. And there’s some amazing stuff there. Like that one, based on motion detection (there is no way to stop the animations so if it’s too laggy, refresh that page then play the one you want to see) :

Or this one, using the Papervision 3D library:

And another one to finish, click then move the mouse to see the effect:

My 2 cents about that Adobe and Apple thing

As all the world is not necessarily  a flash specialist^^, let’s start by a little resume of the situation.

Apple released the iPhone in 2007, and the first reaction of Adobe was of course to say “hey let’s run Flash on it”. Then months and months of discussions later, no arrangement could be found. Flash was and is still simply not compatible with the business model of the iPhone (some people may object on that, but it’s obviously not a technical reason anymore). After that, Adobe planned to build an exporter for Flash, in order to compile proper native iPhone apps. The statu quo lasted until a few days ago when Apple changed the iPhone’s SDK terms and conditions to forbid the use of cross-compilers. Which means: no Flash apps, even if they are automatically converted to Objective-C. Flash is not the only one concerned, Unity3D and Mono generated applications could be banned from the App Store too.

… So today was quite intense about Flash and the iphone (/ipad) all over the interweb, due to the release of the new Creative Suite 5 by Adobe. The peak was reached when an Adobe evangelist, Lee Brimelow, wrote “Go screw yourself Apple”. This is of course  not the official press release from Adobe, but still, that’s kind of hardcore for the software industry.

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8-bit attack on New York

envoyé par onemoreprod. – Futurs lauréats du Sundance.

Fine China VS 007

Yvonne Lee Schultz
via wearetheweirdos via akeem.

Up & running

After a few issues on the server the blog is finally back. I switched from dotClear to wordpress, so there’s a brand new design here – which is still on work. You can read / watch the 459 posts from the good ol’ blog. Lots of images / animations / videos are still missing, and all the comments. Plus it hasn’t been updated for ages, got lots of things to do those days, but I should be back soon! Stay tuned!

Card game

A few years ago I did a classic card game in Flash and never posted it. It’s a little bit buggy, but it’s decent enough to make a few plays. This game is called “the president” and has many less polite names – I let you search on wikipedia if you’re interested. The goal is simple: you can play 1, 2 or 3 cards of the same value, lets say 2 kings or 3 “7”. Once someone starts, you have to add a better card, or 2 or 3 cards depending on what the person added before. The worst card is 3 and the best is 2 (so 3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-V-C-D-R-A and 2). The winner is the person who laid down all the cards first. Once you won, you will receive the 2 best cards of the looser (you are then the president) and the looser receive your 2 worst cards on the next round. If you are 2nd nothing happens and the game goes on.

Click on the image to start the game, then enter your name when prompted. Have fun!