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Proscenium Model Viewer: an AIR app to test 3D models with Proscenium

As I’ve been testing Proscenium lately, and before writing a full review, I did a small AIR app that helps me to do benchmarks.

Download the AIR application here. You will have to update AIR manually to the latest version (3.2) on the Adobe Labs website to make it work.

You can use OBJ, DAE and KMZ files. If you don’t have any models, I’ve added a few in a folder on GitHub (the models are from Oyonale, free for commercial and personal use!).

This project has been made using Flex 4.6 Prerelease, and is using AIR 3.1.

The source is on GitHub, feel free to use it!

  • Aditya

    Have you used this in any mock projects? How did it go

  • Anonymous

     Not yet. I’m just experimenting ATM, but this is probably going to be used in order to prepare models for a 3D printer.