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What’s up at Flight 404

I made a few posts about Flight404 – aka Robert Hodgin – a talented Processing developper. He made the most amazing sound driven animations I’ve ever seen. So here’s his latest video :

You can see some HD videos of his work on Vimeo.

A new revolution is coming : 3D video

A silent revolution is coming. It’s maybe not for now, but this new video technique is really exciting. Imagine a movie where you can move the camera at 360 degrees. The technique is based on a special camera like this one and Papervision.The result is quite surrealistic. Click here to watch it. Via Pingoo.

papervision 3d video 360


Papervision 3D showreel by UnitZeroOne

Via UnitZeroOne


Montreal en 12 lieux : website of the year ?

Montreal en 12 lieux is a superb flash based website made for the city of Montreal. It presents the city with a nice papervision / video interface, and a really nice design. The music and the sound effects of this website are very good too. So is this the website of 2007 ? It really could be. Well done, Fardeen Ghulam (and others who collaborates on this project, of course).

Just for fun : a nice papervision plane

Quick and dirty silhouette cartoon rendering in Papervision. Use your mouse.

Thanks to UnitZeroOne for the technique, you rock!

Actionscript + multitouch : the lib goes open source

Do you remember this flash and multitouch screen experiment I show you in july ? There is now a reflexion group, NUI Group (Natural User Interface), who made this completely free ! You can get it here. You just have to solve one last thing : the hardware part :)

A crucial news from Den Ivanov. .

Drop Spin Fade : prototype

Une démonstration d’un prototype qui permet d’interagir avec la main sur une scène en 3D représentant un son dans l’espace.

from Create Digital Music